This top TradingView indicator finds reversals before they happen.  After implementing this indicator in your daily trading, it will quickly become one of your favorite indicators for spotting intraday reversals.  You will quickly become more comfortable and more confident in trading reversals with this indicator.  Because it gets rid of much more noise than other reversal indicators, it can also help you from over trading -- a common ailment that often results in a lot of lost money.  Whether you are seeking out a trend reversal on a higher or lower timeframe, JCREV can help you.  It is quickly becoming an essential tool amongst private traders.  Finding bottoms and tops is now much more easy with this TradingView indicator.  Using it will help create opportunities for profit day after day.



No bosses.

No traffic.

No difficult customers.

Extra money to live a good life.

No -- a GREAT life.

Just you and your laptop.

Work on YOUR time.


freedom... how do you get there?

everyone talks about trading psychology

but what about your GPS?

You can be the most brilliant driver. 

Calm, sharp, patient.

But if your GPS sucks, if it gives you bad directions, you'll never get there, and make bad turns -- often.


in trading.

They are your most essential trading tools.  Period.

why should you use jcrev as your gps?

indicator highlights





Spots Long & Short


Powerful Alone

or Supercharge Your Setup

Coded Especially for Forex Charts

Designed to Excel

in 2hr/4hr/8hr Timeframes


reversals TODAY

Quickly become more comfortable and more confident trading reversals with JCREV.


JCREV is THE go-to indicator used by JC Macalino -- a top Strategy Manager whose funds returned 92% in 2019 with a 97.6% win rate -- all verified and clearly shared on Collective2.

JC relies on the signals from JCREV on every single trade.  Now you can see and trade the same signals on your charts.


“I LOVE how simple and effective this indicator is.  Uncluttered, great for when I'm trading on the go.”

Marc S., New York