why use jcrev

When I first started trading, it was hard.

I got lost trying momo, earnings plays, biotech breakouts, and everything in between.

Then I noticed how almost every chart flowed in waves.... up, down, up, down.


I discovered reversals, and I was hooked.  RSI, MACD -- I used these but realized they were old code, old tech.  I needed a new GPS.

So I created my own.

  • Minimizes noise

  • Finds reversals before they happen

  • Super simple design

  • Utilizes modern algorithms

  • Affordable & Powerful

what was i thinking?

It took over a year to program JCREV.

Honestly, I created it for my own trading, pure and simple. 

I wanted less noise, more accuracy, more simplicity.

I wanted profit.

What you're getting is a tool I use every day on every single trade to achieve the verified results I openly share on Collective2.

Most indicators are lagging and slow to react.  If you're still relying on RSI or MACD alone, you're using outdated tech.

TradingView technical indicators are used by traders worldwide to help them make accurate decisions on what trades to take.  Although TradingView has over 100 built in indicators provided for free to the trading community, there are also paid ones that involve special coding programmed by private traders for a fee.  JCREV is one such indicator, and considered one of the most accurate paid technical indicators available.  If you are looking for the best TradingView indicator, you are probably looking for one that minimizes noise and maximizes profit.  JCREV was designed as a scalping indicator to help traders realize small forex gains over and over.  It can help you tremendously in figuring out areas of possible reversal.  It does so often with much greater precision with the free tools, which oftentimes creates numerous false signals.  Try JCREV today and start trading reversals with more confidence.

Start Trading Reversals with JCREV Today:

1.  Choose your method of access here.

2.  Send your TradingView username to JCREV@USA.com

3.  Install JCREV FX in TradingView.

4.  Start finding potential reversals!

You will be granted access within 24 hours (usually sooner!)

Email us using the same email you used to purchase.

Your New GPS Signals

JCREV is clean and uncluttered, and gets straight to work once installed in TradingView. 


Appears as a yellow dot.  Indicates that a reversal may soon be approaching.  

JC Super:

Appears as a green up arrow (long signal) or red down arrow (short signal).  Indicates that buying or selling is overheating and a reversal could be imminent.

JC Divergence:

Appears with a blue up arrow (long signal) or orange down arrow (short signal).

Unlock the Power of TradingView and Start Finding Reversals to

Scalp for Profit